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Frsc cds group

By | 14.10.2020

Sunday, 30 June Safety Fact of the day. In road safety parlance, there is nothing like accidents, only crashes. Safety Fact of the day. Fact of the week. Nigeria has an anthem, the NYSC too. The road safety clubs also has an anthem song in the tune of an old favorite tune "Clementina".

We are on the road to save lives, there is no accident, efforts to attain our aim high, to achieve our glory. The end In his speech, the Federal Road Safety Corps Liaison Officer who also doubled as the election umpire and returning officer charged the team to work diligently and uphold the values of the scheme.

He also called for innovation on the part of the leaders and co-operation from the house for a hitch free progress and project filled tenure so as to make for an era of maximum impact. The newly elected Cadet-in-chief Cadet Emeh Chika promised to carry the entire house and leadership along in all his decisions.

We rock the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blog is intended for use as a medium to record the strides of our noble group towards attaining development in our immediate community and state at large. The blog is also intended for use in educating people on how to use the roads in other to save lives.

Stay tuned for more info on going-ons in the numero uno CDS group in the people's paradise. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Many in the chemistry community are making their contribution to the global fight against coronavirus by staying safely at home. Many of those will be able to work from home. And many others — often those designated as key workers by governments — are going into their labs, offices and other workplaces to carry on essential work.

The results of our biennial member survey are in. The Royal Society of Chemistry is offering a wide range of teaching resources and support for teachers working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, including free professional development courses. Our support line for scientists who have experienced bullying and harassment was featured in the Standard Issue podcast, coinciding with the launch of our new campaign resources.

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Not found what you are looking for?I'll be in camp next month. The answer to the question is subjective and its based on where you are serving.

Here in K-town, what we do in MDGs is to talk and nothing else. Am soooo enjoyin my rural cds group unto say na village i dey serve we visit various schs around us, teach as a grp for like 2hrs and take malt nd snacks, d host sch does d provision.

Its funnnnnn. I'll be in camp next month anti boko haram cds group. Not to talk of the free driving training n a membership of road safety club n ur express driving licence etc What r u still waiting for? That's the place to be anyday anytime There's never a dull moment. It's fun all the way. More suggestions please. I think it will be better if you all can also mention the benefits of such CDS groups.

NYSC CDS Groups : All You Need To Know , What CDS Group To Join.

That FRSC cds uniform alone gives prestige!! I swear!! Just as someone here already noted! Infact, where I served in Kogi, Road safety members where entitled to free ride and bike! Infact most persons mistook us for Road safety staff! We usually go on Road check once in every week, we also established Road safety clubs in secondary schools!

And engaged in community services!! Coz you'll be meaningfully engaged!It is easy to make such assumption because in your place of deployment there is a likely that there would only about 5 to 10 CDS. I was surprised myself to find so many CDS groups with different unique and strange, but beautiful names. Today I would be going through a number of these groups with you. I would be highlighting each with a brief detail about them.

In other articles, as I have been started already, I would then give much larger details of each CDS. These are arranged in alphabetical order. This CDS group basically embarks on teaching married and unmarried adults who cannot speak, read and write English language well in their host community. The CDS group is predominant in the rural areas. This particular CDS group is suitable and available at the northern areas of the country where the attack of Boko Haram is strong.

NYSC project 2014/2015 Batch C. by Iwala Oluwatobi Perfection

The purpose of this CDS group is to educate its host community on personal security measures that can be taken during violent attacks. This also includes sensitizing them on how they talk, who to call and where to run to when necessary.

This might include carry out simple or costly projects to beautify the environment. The construction and maintenance is a CDS group that usually pits together corp members who studied engineering mostly.

The essence is see them use some of their little acquired knowledge in building, constructing and maintaining better roads and housing structure in the community. The drama CDS group usually starts from the orientation camp where most of the corp members who participated in the drama and likely performed well are pushed to the city area, and then later placed in the drama CDS group.

They are more involved in performing dramas around in their host community. This CDS group is more involved in fighting the increasing rate of drug abuse especially among youths in our community. This CDS group is usually found in large cities where drug is likely a common to be a way of life in the area. They work at sensitizing the younger ones to avoid taking up such course.

This group is much like the drug free CDS group. It helps the community to see the evil or the negative effect of living in a drug or cultist life style. Its members is involved in educating and sensitizing the community on the importance of education and then voluntarily offering them materials in the form of books, libraries, schools etc as a way of donating back to their society as charity. The farm and Agric CDS group is found mostly in the rural areas.

They seem to be the most tedious kind of CDS group where corp members are expected to be involved in a lot of farming and agricultural activities as well as teaching the society on how to improve on their farming system with modern way of farming.

This CDS group is usually found only in Ibadan. Somehow the corp members, who are mostly those who read French as course in school, try to teach the school kids and others in the community a bit of French and the need to develop another language. The work hand in hand with the road safety commission in traffic control, helping drivers and educating drivers and cyclist on safe road transport, and helping in the keeping the road safe for all drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

This CDS group is usually found in the city area. They are involved in educating their community on the value of all genders whether male or female and avoid any kind of discrimination against any party. This CDS is basically for medical students. Here these corp members find ways to educate their community on matters of health. The ICPC while I have forgotten the full meaning of the acronym, the CDS group is involved in fighting to curb corruption in the country, by helping their host community through educating and sensitizing them on the effects of corruption.

Well, looks like I would stop here for today. I would go on with the list next time.The sector commander also appreciated the NYSC State Coordinator for the projects he had embarked on aimed at taking the scheme to an enviable height in Enugu State. Ikaka appreciated the work FRSC had been doing in terms of ensuring a road free accident especially at a period when cars that were either road worthy or not are now many.

He said that more corps members would be encouraged to join the FRSC Community Development Service CDS group to assist in sensitizing against reckless driving and to achieve its given mandate of ensuring an accident free road.

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A Day in an NYSC CDS Group Meeting : Here’s What Happens

Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Tuesday, April 14, Get help. Realnews Magazine. Kaduna State opens portal for N5m education loan. Ekiti State urges students to engage in agric, entrepreneurship. Bello sacks VC, Rector, names replacements.

Egypt bans public charity banquets during Ramadan amid pandemic. Buhari lauds EU for donating N21bn to Nigeria. Tinubu sympathises with Gbajabiamila over passing of mother-in-law. Poor budgetary allocation, releases limiting activities of federal information agencies — Lawmaker. Presidency is chief purveyor of falsehood — Odinkalu. Wike has no right to arrest Caverton pilots — Odinkalu. Easter: Ekiti Speaker calls for sober reflection.

frsc cds group

Easter: NGO urges Nigerians to persevere, keep hope alive despite lockdown. NBA president urges lawyers to obey safety rules at Easter. Easter: Gov. Abiodun urges Nigerian students to work for unity, peace. Easter: Eminent Lagos Lawyers urge Nigerians to be steadfast, keep faith.

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Science and Technology

We were up against an eighteen month deadline as our current cemetery was close to being full to capacity. I can absolutely recommend CDS for your cemetery build.

frsc cds group

CDS have made the journey to date so easy and taken the pressure off the Town Council by undertaking the technical work that the Council will be presenting to the EA. Knowing that the company will support us until the Cemetery is completed is very comforting. CDS have a great understanding of what is required in any given task and have transferred basic thoughts and ideas into reality.

The team are professional, constructive, clear and above all very nice to work with…I would be happy to recommend CDS for any aspect of work they feel suited to take on. CDS were able to demonstrate the depth and extent of subject knowledge with their team of engineers, designers and hydrologists and were able to develop a short list of sites for a new cemetery. They were always prepared to go the extra mile to guide us through the complexities of site selection and the Environmental constraints.

Their systematic and pragmatic approach meant that the final site selected was completed with the minimum of fuss. We have finally ended up with a site that we are now operating as a cemetery that our public and community can enjoy.

I would be happy to recommend CDS for cemetery development projects. The solution has coped faultlessly since installed even throughout the recent periods of excessive rainfall. We have undertaken over feasibility studies and have completed over 40 new cemeteries in the UK and overseas. Our dedication to your vision has enabled us to gain recognition in the cemetery market, but now we are expanding.

Our business has grown from cemetery development services to three distinct areas namely Cemeteries and Crematoria, Parks and Leisure, and Environmental Assessments. That aside, the quality of our work has not changed. We maintain the high level of service you expect. We currently have new sites under construction. Many more are in different stages of project feasibility, design and planning. Our in-house team will handle the design, planning, and groundwater risk assessment, ensuring one point of contact throughout.

Our in house designers, planners, environmental consultants and drainage engineers work together to ensure a seamless project flow, from inception to completion.

frsc cds group

Discover what we can do for you. Email us today for a free initial site consultation. Darwin are a fund management business already known for their acquisition of the multi award winning GreenAcres Group which has a current portfolio of six cemeteries across the UK. Due to the latest government guidance the office is now closed. For technical enquiries call Justin Smith on or Darryl Kelly on NYSC Corp members dedicate one day in a week to attend cds meetings and enegage in cds related activities.

Well in most statesits mostly meetingstalktalk and dont do …. So lets unravel them together. First of allIt is compulsory that every corper attends their CDS meetings and sign attendance register which would be used for Paying Your alawee.

You dont want to miss this trust me. Most people are just there to sign their attendance.

frsc cds group

This is one group you should make sure you join. They identify talents, set up the schemes theatre groups and also entertain people during occasions. They sometimes go on tourism tour too. Sanitation Group They focus on how to make their environment a better placego on awareness from place to placemarketsschools etc. And also take action by engaging in sanitation once in a while. Road Safety Group They organize as well as sentitize control of trafficfirst aid to accident victimsawareness in schools and organizations and Establishment of road safety clubs in school.

So for aspiring presenterswritersOAPsthis is one choice to make. From Monthly Corper magazines, to end of service year book. They ensure the actualization of the 8 goals of MDGs. Some times, meets up supposedly to discuss and partake again supposedly in activities that propel Nigeria towards the realization of said goals. They are the anti corruption group that stand against corruption. So as usualThey have meetingsplanm towards erradicating corruption in the community and even as far as setting up Anti-corruption corp members in schools.

Servicom Under this platform, corps members form CDS groups in their places of primary assignment to promote effective service delivery at the national, state and Local Government levels. They assist in carrying out Servicom sensitization in both the public and private sectors of the society.

Legal Aid Laywers to bealready lawyers are mostly in this group. In collaboration with the legal Aid Council and other human rights groups, corps members form CDS groups to provide legal aid services for widows, children and other less privileged groups who fall victims to denial and violation. Donation of materials to homes. The work hand in hand with the road safety commission in traffic control, helping drivers and educating drivers and cyclist on safe road transport, and helping in the keeping the road safe for all drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

So advice is that you try to make choices that would engage youdevelop and add to you. It all dpends on your interest as well as the memebers in your group.

These are some of the CDS Groups that you would be meeting at your state of deployment. There is no best CDS Group. While some are lucky enough to make their choices. Also your state matterssome states dont have some CDS Groups. Did i miss any group out? Please share below. Hope this post has really helped? They will appreciate you for helping them know what have always being a misery to them. Get Free Email Updates!

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